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We are building a comprehensive FAQ page to answer most all of your questions about NFTs. Watch this space!
In the meantime, if you have any questions – please email us at support@niftybaby.io

NFT Wallets. What are they? Why do I need one?2022-03-19T20:13:42-04:00

A digital wallet is where you store your digital assets including cryptocurrency and NFTs. Fungible tokens (like Bitcoin or Dogecoin) and Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) both need to be securely stored by the owner. The storage solution is referred to as a “wallet.”

What is a custodial wallet?2022-02-04T12:19:03-05:00

Will be updated soon

Where do I get my own wallet?2022-02-04T12:19:12-05:00

Will be updated soon

How much time do I have to set up a wallet? Can NiftyBaby help me?2022-02-04T12:19:47-05:00

We will provide safe custody of your token for up to 6 months. Yes we can help. Email us at support@niftybaby.io when you are ready.

Can I resell my NFT on a marketplace like OpenSea2022-02-04T12:20:06-05:00