Welcome to the SAM Cats Collection!
An NFT auction featuring the artwork of Los Angeles artist, SAM, in support of the Ferndale Cat Shelter.

The SAM Cats Collection features numbered, limited edition, illustrations offered in several formats: digital only, digital image + acrylic print, and looped digital video set in a custom, USB / battery powered, NFT frame.

The SAM Cats auction drop is now live! Click one of the 3 editions below to bid.
Thank you for supporting the Ferndale Cat Shelter!

SAM Cats – Gold Edition

The Gold Edition is an exclusive 1 of 1 video NFT which comes with a premium, 10″ acrylic, video display frame. The winner of this exclusive auction item will also receive the Silver Edition and Pink Edition NFTs as well. It’s the feline NFT motherload!

SAM Cats – Silver Edition

The Silver Edition is limited to just 2 numbered copies. This looped video NFT includes a premium, 7″ acrylic, video display frame.  NFT artwork is first and foremost, art! And art is meant to be displayed, shared and enjoyed with friends.

SAM Cats – Pink Edition

The Gold and Silver editions are gone but a limited number of the Pink Edition illustrations are still available!